Photo 8 Jul 1 note Posters at Zazzle

Posters at Zazzle

Text 18 Dec

Anonymous said: Your work on the Gold short is beautiful!! - Paul Briggs - pbcbstudios.blogspot

Aww thank you very much!

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anotherdayshowsitsface-deactiva said: Does MFA mean MotherFuckingAmazing in Cinematography?

I hope so!

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Anonymous said: Karen, where did you get your MFA?

The Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA

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Anonymous said: Hey Karen, your work is quite impressive! Great going! I am looking into doing a course in Film Making / Cinematography... how would you rate your school? Is there any other that you would have gone to given a chance? I am just looking to see what schools are good in this course. Thanks! and way to go! ;)

My school was alright. It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t terrible. My first semester, I felt it was a complete joke, but I honestly just pushed myself and stayed self motivated and got the most out of it. I loved it a lot in the end and made the best friends. <3

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Anonymous said: cinematography ?

Yes. <3

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Anonymous said: I got accepted into Chapman's MFA in Cinematography program but it's insanely expensive. Plus undergrad, I would be almost $200,000 in debt. I can't figure out if I should go or not. Do you feel like getting your MFA was worth the huge cost? Is it helping you achieve your goals or putting you further behind?

I am about $100,000 in debt and I don’t regret it one bit. I had an incredible grad school experience and I learned a lot, not just academically, but as far as life lessons go and budgeting and growing up. Going through higher education in film DEFINITELY helps me achieve my goals on a daily basis. You only get as much as you want to get out of school. 

Video 17 May 9 notes

Going through footage, found this bad take. I love working with kids…but sometimes…geeze. This is why I want to be a DP and not a Director. 

Text 17 May 3 notes Update.

So it will almost be a year since I graduated from grad school. I can’t believe it. What’s even more embarrassing is that I still haven’t finished the films I shot. The Kickstarter was successful, but only barely covered processing…now I’m going through the tedious process of post and have very little money to spare on it. I am relying on the help of some very generous friends who are helping me with editing and sound design. I need to eventually get things scored. Here’s the sad pathetic, yet honest state of things:

The Move - Edited, needs to be picture locked and sent off to get sound designed/scored.

What I’ve Been Told - Having some problems with the footage….need a consult to rework story.

Aspersions/Goodnight, Thank You - Some editing, not much. 

I think the most difficult thing is finding someone whose style I mesh well with and that I can afford and trust to edit these things. I’m moving once again, so once that happens I’ll have more time this summer to get things going into high gear. 

I’ve been trying to get the ball rolling on these things so that I can finish the books I need to make for my Kickstarter backers. Need not worry dear friends, I haven’t forgotten about any of these things. Life happened, problems, moving, finances, etc…but I will finish this even if it kills me. 

Apparently, thinking I would have the luxury of time to work on things upon graduation was extremely naive of me. Moving lots of times and working to pay off student loans happened. These are not excuses I should be making, I need more discipline and motivation in my life. I’m just asking for your mere patience/forgiveness for taking longer than I should with these things. 

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Anonymous said: Hi Karen. Please tell me, who starred in the "I've Got You and You've Got Me" remixed by Broken Social Scene. The guy and the girl. The guy has played in any group ?

That’s my best friend Matt and his wife. He used to be the drummer for Public Unrest and for The Bicycle Rider, and some other bands. 

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Anonymous said: do you ever get flustered because your mind is overcome with creative ideas and you cant think straight

Yes…I write them down and try to make lists. 

Video 13 Oct 6 notes
Text 9 Oct

Anonymous said: you are really talented. wish i could meet you to share a beer. i'm in nyc.

Well if I am ever in NYC, or if you are ever in Chicago, I would love to grab a bite and have a beer. 


Text 8 Oct 6 notes Falling Behind.

I should be editing…but I haven’t yet because…

…life happened, I moved…cross country…twice…

But I PROMISE you, I will be making a more thorough update real soon.



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sillylovelywoman said: Price range right now is about 1500 for a video camera and 1000 for a still camera. I want to make short films that look somewhat quality. I know to get the quality I want I'm going to have to spend big bucks but I'm not there yet.

The 7D is $1,699.00 , so that’s just a couple hundred dollars more than your price range for a video camera. I would recommend getting an HDSLR because you will get good looking video and photos out of it. For how much you want to spend, that’s probably your best option for both. The T2i is $899.99 and that shoots video as well. 


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